The contest is closed to new submissions. You can view our top eight submissions here!

Below is a look at some of our favorite submissions so far... be sure to submit your best call before the deadline. What are your thoughts? Share with us on twitter @irarowingchamps or submit your own entry for a chance to be featured on the site or better yet win our grand prize!

The Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) and affiliated organizations annually webstream several of the most prestigious regattas in collegiate rowing each spring. We want to give YOU the opportunity to show off your broadcasting skills for the chance to ride in a launch and call races at the 2017 IRA National Championship Regatta.

In a partnership between row2k media and the IRA, we are running a contest to select an announcer to win a free trip to join the broadcast team at the championship on Lake Natoma at the 2017 IRA National Championship Regatta.

What's At Stake?

First and foremost, pride. We read your comments and we know a lot of you think you have what it takes to call an exciting race. Here's your chance! Our winner will receive a free trip to the 2017 IRA National Championship in California and join our broadcast team for the event.

The Basics

  • Below is a three-minute edit of the 2011 IRA Men's Lightweight Eight Grand Final, including the start, mid-race, sprint and race finish. All parts of the race must be covered in your voiceover.
  • Embedded in the video above, we've provided the basics (event name, competing institutions and lane number, location on course). It's up to you to do any additional research.

  • Open your favorite "voice memo" or audio recording app on your phone or computer, and record your call of the race as you watch it.

  • Save the file, and submit the audio to or send it to us via our Contact Us page, and our panel of experts will review it.

  • We will choose our favorites and post them to row2k and so other members of the rowing community can vote for their favorites; the poll tallies will be an important element under consideration by a selection panel when choosing the winner.

  • The winner will be determined by an IRA Rowing selection panel, and may include subsequent rounds of review and polling depending on entries.

  • The best announcer from that bunch will receive a free trip to the 2017 IRA National Championship Regatta on Lake Natoma in Gold River, CA and join our team of announcers for the event.

  • Must be located within U.S. for dates of IRA. No USRowing employees or Board Members eligible.

  • By submitting an entry, participants give permission for their audio to be posted online, and grants full rights to the audio to be used in perpetuity by the Intercollegiate Rowing Association.

  • Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2017.