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Release courtesy of USRowing Communications Department

Princeton, N.J. — University of California, Berkeley dominated the varsity heavyweight men’s field, winning the Copley Cup at the San Diego Crew Classic last weekend and taking sole possession of the number one spot in the second USRowing Coaches Poll.

Covering the course in 5:35.50 and breaking the record for the Crew Classic, the Bears earned 15 first-place votes to maintain their ranking. In Seattle, the University of Washington won all five races at the Husky Open, earning one first-place vote and a spot in second place. Yale University was third, while Princeton University and Boston University rounded out the top five.

In the lightweight men’s poll, Cornell University held onto its first place position with four first-place votes. Yale University had three first-place votes and was ranked second, while Harvard University was third. Princeton University and Navy finished fourth and fifth.

Stanford University earned four first-place votes and held its top position in the lightweight women’s poll after winning the Carley Copley Cup against heavyweight women’s eights at the Crew Classic.

With two first-place votes, Boston University finished second in the poll, followed by the University of Wisconsin in third. Georgetown University and Princeton University (one first place vote) rounded out the top five.

Heavyweight Men’s Eight

Rank Team Previous Rank
1 University of California, Berkeley (15) 1
2 University of Washington (1) 3
3 Yale University 2
4 Princeton University 5
5 Boston University 6
6 Harvard University 4
7 Northeastern University 9
8 Dartmouth University 8
9 Brown University 7
10 Stanford University 11
11 University of Wisconsin 10
12 Cornell University 12
13 George Washington 17
14 University of Pennsylvania 16
15 Columbia University 14
16 United States Naval Academy 13
17 Syracuse University 15
18 Oregon State University 18
19 Florida Institute of Technology 19
20 Drexel University 20

Others Receiving Votes: St Joseph’s, Georgetown, Hobart, Santa Clara, Gonzaga, Holy Cross, Virginia

Voting Coaches: Steve Gladstone (Yale), Geoff Bond (Penn), Phil Schmehl (Marietta), Todd Kennett (Cornell), Mark Davis (GWU), Gabe Winkler (Oregon State), Scott Alwin (Columbia), Paul Cooke (Brown), Mike Callahan (Washington), Greg Hughes (Princeton), Jim Barr (Holy Cross), Wyatt Allen (Dartmouth), Charles Stollenwark (MSOE), Charley Butt (Harvard), Mike Irwin (St. Joseph’s), Jim Grander (FIT)

Lightweight Men’s Eight

Rank Team Previous Rank
1 Cornell University (4) 1
2 Yale University (3) 2
3 Harvard University 8
4 Princeton University (1) 5
5 United States Naval Academy 6
6 University of Pennsylvania 4
7 Columbia University 3
8 University of Delaware 7
9 Georgetown University 9
10 Dartmouth University 10
11 Mercyhurst University 12
12 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 11
13 Purdue University 14
14 Temple University NR
15 University of California, Berkeley 15

Also Receiving Votes: UC Santa Barbara, St. Joseph’s, Sacramento State, Washington State, Cal Maritime

Voting Coaches: Andy Card (Yale), Martin Crotty (Princeton), Lee Rumpf (Georgetown), Colin Farrell (Penn), Nich Lee Parker (Columbia), Shawn Bagnall (Navy), Sean Healey (Dartmouth), Charles Stollenwerk (MSOE)

Lightweight Women’s Eight

Rank Team Previous Rank
1 Stanford University (4) 1
2 Boston University (2) 4
3 University of Wisconsin 2
4 Georgetown University (1) 6
5 Princeton University 3
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7
7 Harvard-Radcliffe 5
8 University of Tulsa 8
9 Villanova University 10
10 Bucknell University 9
11 Purdue University 11
12 LaSalle University NR
13 University of California, Berkeley 14
14 Washington State University 15
15 Oklahoma State University NR

Others Receiving Votes: Oregon, Clemson, Penn State

Voting Coaches: Malcolm Doldron (BU), Stephen Full (Georgetown), Rodney Mott (Tulsa), Kate Bertko (Stanford), Claire Matin-Doyle (MIT), Paul Rassam (Princeton), Sarah Baker (Harvard-Radcliffe)

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