IRA Programs Recognized in USRowing Coaches Week 3 Poll

Release courtesy of USRowing Communications Department

Princeton, N.J. — The University of California, Berkeley held the top position of USRowing’s third regular season varsity men’s eight poll with all 17 first-place votes.

After an impressive opening weekend at the San Diego Crew Classic, the Cal men’s team will return to the Redwood Shores to compete at the Stanford Invitational on April 14 and 15 against Hobart, Wisconsin, Orange Coast College and Santa Clara.

The University of Washington had a solid weekend, sweeping all of its events against Oregon State and the University of Oregon, and earned second place in the poll. Yale University and Princeton University held their ranks at third and fourth place respectively. Harvard University closed out the top five.

In the lightweight men’s poll, Yale University clinched the top spot with five first-place votes after sweeping Georgetown and MIT on the Housatonic River April 8. Cornell University received four first-place votes to earn a second place spot.

Harvard University held their third-place rank. The United States Naval Academy was fourth and Princeton University was fifth.

Stanford University’s lightweight women remained the top pick in the lightweight women’s poll with five first-place votes. The Cardinals defended their 2016 crown at the Knecht Cup on Mercer Lake, winning the lightweight eight title again against second-place Boston University (two first-place votes) and third-place Princeton University.

The University of Wisconsin was fourth, and Harvard-Radcliffe moved up from last week’s seventh-place ranking to take fifth.

Men’s Heavyweight 8+

Rank Team Previous Rank
1 University of California, Berkeley (17) 1
2 University of Washington 2
3 Yale University 3
4 Princeton University 4
5 Harvard University 6
6 Boston University 5
7 Northeastern University 7
8 Dartmouth University 8
9 Brown University 9
10 University of Pennsylvania 14
11 Stanford University 10
12 University of Wisconsin 11
13 George Washington 13
14 Cornell University 12
15 Syracuse University 17
16 Columbia University 15
17 Georgetown University NR
18 United States Naval Academy 16
19 Florida Institute of Technology 19
20 Oregon State University NR

Also receiving votes: Drexel, Hobart, St. Joseph’s, Santa Clara, Michigan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Participating Coaches: Todd Kennett (Cornell), Tom Sanford (Marist), Geoff Bond (Penn), Luke Agini (Georgetown), Charley Butt (Harvard), Paul Bugenhagen (Hobart), Paul Cooke (Brown), Philip Schmehl (Marist), Steve Gladstone (Yale), Gabe Winkler (Oregon State), Michael Callahan (Wahington), Jim Barr (Holy Cross), Mike Irwin (St. Joseph’s), Greg Hughes (Princeton), Wyatt Allen (Dartmouth), Thomas Bohrer (BU), Scott Alwin (Columbia)

Men’s Lightweight 8+

Rank Team Previous Rank
1 Yale University (5) 2
2 Cornell University (4) 1
3 Harvard University 3
4 United States Naval Academy 5
5 Princeton University 4
6 University of Pennsylvania 6
7 Columbia University 7
8 University of Delaware 8
9 Georgetown University 9
10 Dartmouth University 10
11 Mercyhurst University 11
12 MIT 12
13 Purdue 13
14 Temple University 14
15 University of California, Berkeley 15

Also receiving votes: University of California, Santa Barbara, St Joseph’s University, California Maritime, Washington State University

Participating Coaches: Martin Crotty (Princeton), William Boyce (Harvard), Lee Rumpf (Georgetown), Sean Healey (Dartmouth), Colin Farrell (Penn), Chris Kerber (Cornell), Shawn Bagnall (Navy), Andy Card (Yale), Nich Lee Parker (Columbia)

Women’s Lightweight 8+

Rank Team Previous Rank
1 Stanford University (5) 1
2 Boston Unversity (2) 2
3 Princeton University 5
4 University of Wisconsin 3
5 Harvard-Radcliffe 7
6 University of Tulsa 8
7 Georgetown University 4
8 MIT 6
9 Villanova University 9
10 Bucknell University 10
11 Purdue University 11
12 University of California, Berkeley 13
13 LaSalle University 12
14 Oklahoma State 15
15 University of Oregon NR

Also receiving votes: Washington State, Penn State

Participating Coaches: Sarah Baker (Harvard-Radcliffe), Dusty Mattison (Wisconsin), Paul Rassam (Princeton), Claire Martin-Doyle (MIT), Malcolm Doldron (BU), Rodney Mott (Tulsa), Kate Bertko (Stanford)