Window to Register your Program for IRA Membership Now Open

BOSTON, Mass. - The Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) has opened its window for existing members to renew their IRA membership for the 2019-20 Academic Year. All members of the organization are eligible to compete at the 2020 IRA National Championship.

If you are a lapsed member or if you are interested in joining the IRA please contact Katie Boldvich.

Existing and renewing members please reference the below documents for any questions regarding this year and the 2020 IRA National Championship.

Pay Your Member Dues

You will be redirected to Regatta Central to pay your $600 member Association fee

2019-20 IRA Membership Notice

Member Benefits & Annual Dues Payment

2019-20 IRA Declaration of Adherence

Must be signed by your institution's Athletic Director or Rowing Sport Administrator & returned via email no later than 11/4/19

2020 IRA Regatta Notice

Dates, Location, Sponsored Events & Reminders

2020 IRA Regatta Attachments

Selection Criteria, Selection Committees, Team Point Allocations & Squad Limits.