Important Information for Competitors

This page will be updated in advance of the 2023 IRA National Championship and will contain pertinent information for all competitors of the regatta.

Please note as you make travel plans that we have been advised that the regatta site will not be open for IRA trailers until after 9:00 AM on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. The course will open for practice at 12:00PM that afternoon.

Trailers arriving prior to 9am on Wednesday will not be permitted to line up within the park and will be subsequently turned away by Park Rangers. Boat plot sites will be pre-assigned, so there is no advantage to an early arrival.

Further, when the regatta is held in N.J. teams are not required to stay at specific hotel properties. Teams are welcome to stay at any hotel property they choose.

2023 IRA Championship Tentative Schedule

Tues. 5/30
7:30PM - Coaches & Coxswains Meeting via Zoom (link to be distributed via email) ATTENDANCE MANDATORY

Wed. 5/31
9AM - Park Opens for Trailers - Group A. Trailers arriving before 9am will be turned away. 
10AM-4PM - Registration adjacent to the team tent area. Coaches can pick up team wristbands and parking passes
10AM - Park Opens for Trailers - Group B. Trailers arriving before 10am will be turned away.
10:45AM - Team Arrival - Please hold your athletes off site until 10:45 am.
12PM - 6PM - Practice Open

Thurs. 6/1
8:30AM - 4:00PM - Registration
8:30AM-12PM - Practice
12PM - 5PM - Coxswain Weigh-In. Any coxswains failing to miss the weigh-in window without previous arrangements will be ineligible to race.
2:30pm - 6PM - Practice

Fri. 6/2
6AM - Park Opens
6:15AM - 7:15AM - Practice
8AM - Racing Begins
11:50AM - 1:15PM - Practice
1:50 PM - Racing Resumes
4:20PM - 5:35PM - Practice

Sat. 6/4
6AM - Park Opens
6:15AM - 7:15AM - Practice
8AM - Racing Begins

Award Ceremonies for Saturday Grand Finals
12:10pm - MLW4+
12:20pm - MV4+
12:30pm - Division III 2V8
12:40pm -Division III V8 National Championship

1:00PM - 3:00PM - Practice

Sun. 6/4
6AM - Park Opens
8AM - Racing Begins

Awards Ceremony Schedule (at the stage adjacent to the Marina Building - across the parking lot from the Boat Storage/Trailer Area)
11:00am - WLW2x
11:05am - WLW4+
11:10am - M3V8
11:15am - MLW2V8
11:20am - M2V8
11:25am - WLW8 National Champions
11:30am - Women's Lightweight Team Trophy
11:35am - MLW8 National Champions
11:40am - Men's Lightweight Team Trophy
11:45am - Chapman Award
11:50am - MV8 National Champions
11:55am - James Ten Eyck Team Champions