2018Stanford Women

This trophy, which was originally awarded as the Overall Women's Point Trophy, was inaugurated in 1996 and is now presented annually by the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders to the winner of the Women's Lightweight National Championship race.

Winners of the Camden County Freeholders Trophy

Women's Varsity Lightweight Eight

1997 Radcliffe

1998 Villanova

1999 Princeton

2000 Princeton

2001 Princeton

2002 Princeton

2003 Princeton

2004 Wisconsin

2005 Wisconsin

2006 Wisconsin

2007 Bucknell

2008 Wisconsin

2009 Wisconsin

2010 Stanford

2011 Stanford

2012 Stanford

2013 Stanford

2014 Radcliffe

2015 Stanford

2016 Stanford

2017 Stanford

2018 Stanford

All-Time Wins by Institution

8 - Stanford

5- Wisconsin


5 - Princeton

2 - Radcliffe

1 - Bucknell

1- Villanova

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