2021 IRA National Champions Crowned

The University of Washington, United States Naval Academy and Princeton University all earned National Championship titles in Men's Heavyweight, Men's Lightweight and Women's Lightweight Rowing respectively thanks to their victories at the 2021 IRA National Championship.

2021 National Championship Watch Info

The 2021 IRA National Championship will have all racing action broadcast via YouTube on 'irarowing' - click here for more details and direct links to each session!

Note: Spectators are not permitted at the 2021 National Championship. Failure to comply or excess need to remove spectators may result in a racing delay until the venue can be properly secured.


2022: June 3-5 (Mercer Lake - Princeton, NJ)
2023: June 2-4 (Mercer Lake - Princeton, NJ)
2024: May 31 - June 2 (Mercer Lake - Princeton, NJ)