2024 IRA National Championship

The IRA will celebrate the 121st anniversary of the National Championship Regatta at Mercer Lake, West Windsor, NJ from Friday May 31st through Sunday, June 2nd.

The Championships will be co-hosted by the Princeton National Rowing Association (PNRA). 

IRA fans gather at the finish line of the 2015 National Championship


All tents also include 25 chairs, 2 tables and 25 admission tickets. Admission tickets will be provided to coaches upon check-in on Wednesday. Tickets will not be mailed or held on-site and must be distributed by each program prior to Friday morning.

Please note: pop-up tents are not permitted to be setup along the finish line or in the wooded area approaching the finish. Park Rangers will ask these to be removed.

Opening Times for Trailer Parking and Practice: The regatta site at Mercer Lake will not open for trailer parking until 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024. The course will open for practice 12:00 noon on the same day. The course will close at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening.


Important Reminders

Eligibility for the 2024 Regatta: All institutions, teams and student-athletes seeking to participate in the 2024 IRA Regatta must satisfy the eligibility requirements set forth in the IRA Constitution, IRA Eligibility Regulations, and Operating Bylaws. These eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The team officially shall have been accorded varsity status by the institution’s president or chancellor or committee responsible for intercollegiate athletics;
  2. The team is administered by the department of intercollegiate athletics;
  3. The eligibility of student-athletes participating on the team shall be reviewed and certified by a staff member designated by the institution’s president or chancellor or committee responsible for intercollegiate athletics policy; and
  4. The staff members responsible for the certification shall be the same staff members that are responsible for certifying eligibility for the institution’s other intercollegiate varsity programs.

Annual Dues: Institutions seeking to participate in the 2024 IRA Regatta must be current dues-paying members of the IRA.

Qualification/Selection for the 2024 Regatta: All teams participating in the 2024 IRA Regatta will be selected by the appropriate selection committee and in accordance with established selection criteria.



121st IRA Invitation Notice + Preliminary Entries



February 29th - 121st IRA Invitation Notice released, online preliminary entry form opened

March 19th at 5pm - Preliminary entry form closes

May 20th at 3pm - Amended entry deadline


Media FAQs

How do I get a credential to cover the IRA? Sports Information Directors/Team Photographers should work with their institutional coaching staff to reserve an additional wristband for free admission to the event. All wristbands/credentials will be provided to teams in their registration packet and it is up to each institution to ensure those get into the appropriate hands. There is not an additional place for wristbands/credentials to be picked up.

What if I am not associated with a team? Bona fide members of the media that are not associated with a team can contact Kayleigh at [email protected] for additional information about securing a credential.

Where can I park? We are running our largest IRA National Championship ever and parking will be at a premium. Teams will have first right to all of our administrative parking spots. SIDs/Team Photographers are encouraged to carpool with their teams as additional parking passes will not be made available for administrator vehicles. After all teams check in on Thursday, additional administrative parking passes may be available. Team representatives will need to check in at registration near end of day on Thursday to inquire.

What if I don't want to ride with my team? Unfortunately you will need to pay to park at the finish tower with other spectators. There is NO free parking on site.

How do I get on a launch to take pictures? No photographers will be permitted on the water on Friday or Saturday. Limited photographers MAY be permitted to ride in a launch on Sunday during the Grand Finals. Priority will be given to institutions racing in priority events. If you are interested in securing a seat on the launch, please reach out to Kayleigh.

Are there any other accommodations for media? There will be a large media tent staged in front of the finish tower with seating and power for members of the media. There is no wi-fi on site, nor is there a secure place to store electronics or personal items, so please plan accordingly.

How are team points calculated? Team point allocations can be found here.

When will medals/awards be given out? We will not be giving awards out on the water. Instead, awards will be given out at the awards stage which will be sent in the grass area in front of the marina building and adjacent to the boat trailer area.The awards schedule will be posted here closer to the event.


Spectator FAQs

Our focus is on our student-athletes and coaching staffs - please do not contact regatta staff with questions about the event. All questions should be filtered through your institution's coaching staff.

Is there an admission to attend the Championship? How do I purchase tickets? Yes, admission to the event is $10/per person each day. There is not a weekend pass option. Individuals can pay with cash on site or purchase their tickets ahead of time online. The link to purchase tickets online will be posted closer to the regatta date.

Is there a fee to park? Yes, it is $10/day to park. Parking can be paid on site with cash or parking passes can be purchased ahead of time online. The link to do so will be posted closer to the regatta date. Limited handicap parking is available for those with handicap placards. Upon arrival please let one of our volunteers know you need handicap parking. Limited golf cart shuttles will also be available to help bring individuals from the parking lot to the viewing area.

Can I go into the athlete area to see my son/daughter? No. The athlete area is closed to all parents and spectators. We ask for your cooperation and that you abide by the posted signs and fencing and stay away from this area. If you do not cooperate with posted signage you will be escorted off site by one of our park rangers and may not be permitted to return to the venue. If you need to give them something, they can meet you at the fencing line to pick up food, drink or anything else they may need.

Our team purchased a finish line tent. How do I know where our tent is? How do I pick up our admission passes? Tent locations are posted at the top of this page. If your team purchased a tent, coaches will be given three-day pass vouchers when they register which can be exchanged for wristbands upon arrival to the venue. Lost wristbands will not be replaced. Coaches will need to make arrangements to give the passes to parents, they will not be held at admission or otherwise made available for pickup.

I am not attending in person - how can I watch the event? Information on racing livestreams will be posted closer to the regatta date.

When will awards be presented after grand finals? Awards will be presented after Saturday and Sunday Grand Finals. The schedule will be posted closer to the regatta date. The awards stage will be setup in front of the main marina building. If you are in the finish line area, you can take a short walk through the wood area. When you see the playground please proceed towards the parking lot and you will see the awards stage.

Will heat sheets be printed? No. Individuals can follow along with race results online or by downloading our app - IRA National Championship via the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

If you have additional questions not answered here, please connect with your institution's coaches. Do not reach out directly to regatta staff - your emails will not be answered.