IRA Staff


IRA Commissioner

Gary Caldwell

Email: [email protected]


IRA Regatta Director

Tom Sullivan


IRA Executive Director

Katie Boldvich

Email: [email protected]


Laura Photo

IRA Director of Officiating

Laura Kunkemueller

2022-23 Eligibility & Infractions Committee Summary

Includes all approved waivers, self-reported violations and important memos from the 2022-23 academic year

IRA Membership Calendar

2023-24 Academic Calendar

IRA Bylaws

Revised July 1, 2022

IRA Constitution

Revised July 1, 2022

IRA Eligibility Regulations & Operating Bylaws

Revised August 1, 2022

Prior Issued Memos to the Membership

These memos are still applicable based on Association-wide legislation. Other memos have been issued that may no longer be relevant. 

National Letter of Intent (Dead Periods) - Issued April 2012

Mid-Year Transfer Memo - Issued December 2019

IRA Delayed Enrollment Rule Memo - Issued as Clarification in December 2019

Updated COVID-19 Memo - Issued in April 2020
As a reminder, the IRA is applying all COVID waivers issued by the NCAA that would apply to women's rowing. 

Board of Stewards

Miller Brian-00012


Brian Miller, Hobart College

Term: June 2021-June 2024


EARC - Ivy

Anita Brenner, Cornell University

Term: June 2021-June 2024



Andy Fee, Univ. of Washington

Term: June 2023 - June 2026


EARC-Non Ivy

Brady Minter, University of Wisconsin

Term: June 2020 - June 2023


Coaches' Chair

Chris Clark, University of Wisconsin