Established in 2004, the Chapman Trophy is awarded annually to the school which has generated the greatest increase in the total of Ten Eyck point count accumulated in the men's heavyweight eight-oared events (Varsity, Second Varsity, Third Varsity) compared to the total Ten Eyck point count for that school's performance at the previous year's IRA Regatta. The trophy focuses on the improvement by the school's men's rowing program in elevating the size and strength of its program to include, at a minimum, the three eight-oared events, which have always been at the core of the IRA Regatta for over 100 years.

Winners of the Clayton W. Chapman Trophy

2004 - Syracuse

2005 - Northeastern

2006 - Brown

2007 - Cornell

2008 - Wisconsin

2009 - Boston University

2010 - Princeton

2011 - Wisconsin

2012 - Brown

2013 - Northeastern

2014 - Boston University

2015 - University of Pennsylvania

2016 - Stanford

2017 - Dartmouth

2018 - Not awarded due to incomplete results/cancelled events

All-Time Wins by Institution

2 - Boston University

2 - Brown

2 - Northeastern

2 - Wisconsin

1 - Cornell

1 - Dartmouth

1 - Princeton

1 - Stanford

1 - Syracuse

1 - University of Pennsylvania

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