Please see below for all pertinent info regarding renting team tents at the IRA National Championship!


Anything brought into the park must be brought out. This includes trash and recycling. The team tent area will be appropriately equipped with trash and recycling receptacles. If excessive clean-up is required in any tent the offending program will be billed appropriately by the Sacramento State Aquatics Center. Additionally, if any tables and chairs are missing the rental company will be billing programs directly for any missing items.

  • All tents are 20x20. Included with the tents are two 8-foot tables and 25 chairs.
  • Also included are 25, 3-day admission tickets. These will be distributed to COACHES in their registration packet. Coaches can then distribute as needed. Please note these tickets are meant for spectators, parents, alumni etc. Coaches and athletes do not need a ticket. If a ticket is lost or stolen it will not be replaced. The ticket must be brought daily for access and does not include parking.
  • Event parking is $10 per day and not included in the package
  • The tent layout order will be determined based on when programs register for their tent. Those that register first will be closest to the finish line and on the front row. Registrations received later will be stacked and not be waterfront

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