The Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) brings together institutions of higher education that compete at the highest levels of intercollegiate rowing in the United States. The IRA seeks, to organize, manage, and promote the sport of intercollegiate rowing, and to annually hold a postseason intercollegiate national rowing championship called the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) National Championships, that supports the highest level of competition among top intercollegiate heavyweight men’s, lightweight men’s and women’s rowing teams, as defined by selection criteria.



The IRA National Championships have been held since 1895 and serve as the National Championship for men's heavyweight, men's lightweight and women's lightweight rowing.

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Past Results (Current - 1999)

Host Sites of the IRA

Hudson River - Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
1895-97, 1899-1919 and 1921-51

Saratoga Lake - Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Cayuga Lake - Cayuga Lake, N.Y.

Ohio River - Marietta, Ohio


Onondaga Lake - Syracuse, N.Y.
1952-92, 1994

Cooper River - Camden County, N.J.
1993, 1995-2008, 2010-12

Lake Natoma - Gold River, Calif.
2009, 2013, 2017, 2019

Mercer Lake - West Windsor, N.J.
2014-16, 2018, 2021-23

IRA Course Overall Records

Varsity Eight
Washington 5:21.482 (2012 Grand Final)

Lightweight Varsity Eight
Harvard 5:33.059 (2012 Grand Final)

Lightweight Women's Eight
Stanford 6:28.20 (2010 Grand Final)

Second Varsity Eight
Washington 5:31.616 (2012 Grand Final)

Freshman Eight
Washington 5:31.902 (2012 Grand Final)


Varsity Four with Cox
Washington 6:12.258 (2012 Grand Final)

Varsity Four w/o Cox
Wisconsin 6:09.22 (2002 Grand Final)

Open Four w/Cox
Washington 6:15.257 (2012 Grand Final)

Freshman Four w/Cox
Washington 6:25.93 (2008 Grand Final)

Varsity Pair
Temple University 6:47.16 (2007 Grand Final)

Trophies & Past Champions

Varsity Challenge Cup

Presented to the IRA by Dr. Louis L. Seaman of Cornell University in 1898, the silver cup is awarded annually to the Varsity Heavyweight Eight Champions.

The 1922 Trophy

This silver bowl commemorates the origin of men's collegiate lightweight rowing in 1922 and is presented to the winner of the Men's Lightweight Varsity Eight.

Camden County Freeholders Trophy

This trophy, which was originally awarded as the Overall Women's Point Trophy, was inaugurated in 1996 and is now presented annually by the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders to the winner of the Women's Lightweight National Championships race.

James Ten Eyck Memorial Trophy

A replica of the original hand-carved mahogany plaque, the Ten Eyck Trophy pays just honor and respect to James Ten Eyck, Syracuse University's revered and famed crew coach from 1903-1938. The trophy is given by the Syracuse Regatta Association.

IRA President's Cup

Awarded to the Men's Lightweight program that accumulates the most points between the Lightweight Eight, Lightweight Second Eight and Lightweight Four w/coxswain events.

The award is named in honor of the past and current IRA Presidents who have supported Men's Lightweight rowing at the National Championship.

IRA Commissioner's Cup

Awarded to the Women's Lightweight program that accumulates the most points between the Lightweight Eight, Lightweight Four and Double Scull events.

The award is named in honor of past IRA Commissioners that have integrated and supported Women's Lightweight rowing at the National Championship.

Clayton W. Chapman Trophy

Established in 2004, the Chapman Trophy is awarded annually to the school which has generated the greatest increase in the total Ten Eyck point count accumulated in the men's heavyweight eight-oared events as compared to the total from the previous year.

Kennedy Challenge Cup

This trophy was originally presented to the IRA in 1898 by Davidson Kennedy of the University of Pennsylvania, as a trophy for four-oared races. This trophy is now annually awarded to the winner of the Men's Heavyweight Second Varsity Eight.

Stewards Cup

The Stewards Cup was presented in 1900 to the IRA by Francis S. Banks of Columbia University. The trophy is currently awarded to the Men's Third Varsity Eight Champions and was previously presented to the winners of the Freshman Heavyweight Eight Champions until 2017.

Eric W. Will Trophy

This hand-carved plaque, donated to the IRA by Adolph L. Sebell in memory of Eric W. Will, goes to the Varsity Four with Coxswain Champions. Mr. Will was a prime mover in bringing the IRA to Syracuse and was a founder of the Syracuse Regatta Association.

Men's Second Varsity Lightweight Eight

Beginning with the 2021 Regatta, the Second Varsity Eight became a contested event in the Men's Lightweight category. At this time there is no traveling trophy for the event.

The Healy Cup

The Healy Cup was donated in 2016 by Georgetown University in memory of Georgetown President Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J. The cup is awarded to the winners of the Men's Lightweight Four with Coxswain.

Cooper River Cup

Donated by Stanford University and awarded to the winners of the Women's Lightweight Four since the 2016 regatta, the trophy dates winners back to 2007 when the event was held as an exhibition race.

Retired Trophies

Gordon Hoople Trophy

This trophy was given for the first time in 1974 to the winner of the Varsity Four without Coxswain. Dr Hoople was active in the Syracuse University crew program and was a member of the Syracuse Regatta Association. This event is no longer contested.